Treyarch has signaled that it plans to deliver more patches for the PC version of its hit shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops in the coming months, aiming to support the game for as long as players are interested in the multiplayer experience. Josh Olin, who is the community manager working at Treyarch, stated, “We are listening to you and we’ve been busy working on updates based on feedback from the community. We have already deployed a number of updates, and there will be many more to come. Stay tuned right here for all the latest info.” He has posted on the official forums, offering an official list of the things that the developers are aiming to fix, although the company representative has not offered an exact launch date for any new patch. The full list of fixes is detailed in the forum post and seems to focus on both technical issues like better results for Quickmatch, with less lag and better ping, and better overall game performance on machines which only have two cores and on balance issues and problems that gamers have pointed out the way some of the multiplayer maps have been built. The changes will probably make the experience easier to get into for those who are coming fresh to Call of Duty and a smoother experience for veterans. The post launch life of recent Call of Duty titles is linked with its multiplayer segment, meaning that even small issues, like clipping or respawns happening in weird areas, need to be fixed quickly by those at Treyarch to make sure that they do not drive players away. Call of Duty: Black Ops is the biggest video game launch of this year, walking proudly in the footsteps of Modern Warfare 2, which did the same thing in 2009. The game has moved more than 5 million copies in its first day on sale.