There are always two sides to the coin, and jailbreaking iOS6 proves to be by no means different. What are the advantages and the drawbacks of rebooting your iPhone?

It's true that a rich variety of programs can be obtained by using App Store. However, as not each and everybody seems to be content with them, many of us decide to unlock the device to get the access to even more functions. So why should you consider jailbreaking your iPhone...and what does it really mean?

When you're jailbreaking your Apple device, you sort of...break out of the “jail” created by the company, meaning that you can modify a lot of features which you previously couldn't touch. However, there are some concerning issues.

iOS 6

Firstly, is jailbreaking legal? Now that may make no sense to you (as it does to me) but jailbraking and rooting tablets is illegal according to the latest DMCA rules. But you can unlock your iPhone or iPod touch without virtually any consequences, safe for the fact that e.g. your mobile network operator may not accept your letter of complaint and may not grant you a warrant should there be something wrong with your i-device.

Is it difficult to jailbreak an iPhone. Nope. Should you follow the hints you can find in the Internet, the whole process is going to take you less than an hour.

So what are precisely the pros of taking Apple's locks off your iPhone? Let's take a look:

  • renaming and reorganizing apps. Some people just need to rename their apps.

  • choosing a browser. You don't like Safari? Go ahead and try Chrome, Firefox, Opera...

  • changing your e-mail client.

  • modifying the menus by changing the icons, the login screen or the notification bar.

  • using CydiaStore apps.

  • adding some extra features to Siri.

  • setting Google Maps as your GPS of choice (highly recommended...)

  • multilogging.

  • improving security.

However, hold on and before jailbreaking your iPhone check out what may happen (and Apple is not going to care):

  • possible data loss

  • CPU performance slowdown

  • App Store integration problem

  • iTunes updating problem

  • problems with updating unofficial apps.