Qualcomm has been flashing its APQ8064 development tablet ever since the UpLink conference that took place in June this year, as we reported here, but only during the past few days did professionals manage to properly benchmark and compare the new platform with what’s currently on the market. Hardware experts from Anandtech have reportedly managed to get some surprising results and, at least in the popular GL Benchmark 2.5, Qualcomm’s new platform yields some impressive performance figures. To put it simple, the Adreno 320 is just as impressive as the company’s Krait ARM Coretx A15 processor and shows roughly double the performance of any other mobile GPU inside today’s popular tablet platforms. Apple’s A5X manages to somewhat keep a little bit closer to the Adreno 320 in theoretical tests, but in plain FPS, the Qualcomm architecture clearly shows its vast superiority. Readers should keep in mind that the Adreno architecture has been initially developed by AMD and that Qualcomm bought it from the Texan company. The Adreno chips we see today are still close relatives with AMD’s designs as these are still highly improved DirectX 9 devices.