The Xbox 360 console might get full support for stereoscopic 3D at next month's E3 conference, as a source indicates that Microsoft is keen on making such an announcement. Stereoscopic 3D is one of the most touted features of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360's arch rival, as Sony is making use of this attribute in order to sell its Bravia 3DTV series. Now, it seems that Microsoft is also going to bring the feature to its Xbox 360 console, according to a report from Eurogamer, making such support for the new technology official. "They'd be mad not to do it, is all I can say," said the source. "The machine is not only very capable, it's more capable than the PlayStation 3 of doing stereo, assuming you don't have one of the old ones with the composite leads... assuming you have a HDMI Xbox. The bottleneck is more on the graphical throughput for rendering out in stereo." When asked if such an announcement will be made, the source hinted at next month's E3 expo, where Microsoft is going to make quite a few big announcements to the world, alongside rivals like Nintendo or Sony. Previous games like Crytek's Crysis 2 or Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops were fully playable in 3D on the Xbox 360, but it wasn't with official support from Microsoft itself. The company is currently working on bringing some new features to its Xbox 360, with the biggest being support for a new Xbox Game Disc format, which is currently in the testing stage with participants in the company's preview program. Seeing as how the format might bring some extra space for developers to use, it might also allow them to thoroughly reproduce a stereoscopic 3D effect, if the Xbox 360 can have standalone support for it. When asked for a reply to this story, Microsoft gave the regular "no comment on rumor or speculation," response.