If you have been sharing links from YouTube with your friends using the cut and paste link technique, then telling them to skip ahead to a certain position, there is a much easier way. You might not know this yet but you can actually share YouTube links which start playback from any position you choose.


How to Get a Custom Black Theme For YouTube on Chrome. (Mac and Windows)

Share YouTube Videos From Custom Playback Positions. (Begin Playback at 1 minute 35 seconds etc) 

As the method for doing this on Windows and Mac is quite simple that's where we will start. First, go to the specific video on YouTube you wish to share, once you have the particular video open in front of you, click the Share button. (Located underneath the red subscribe button) With the new link open, you can tick the box that says Start at: now just add the exact point you want the video to begin playing from. (You can also do this by moving the playing slider along)


If you have been paying attention and you probably weren't, you will notice the links ending in the box change to the specific time you have chosen. Now it’s just a case of cutting and pasting the link from the box and sending it or posting it where ever you like. When your desired target clicks on the custom-made Youtube link, it will start playback from the time you entered. (this, however, doesn’t stop them rewinding at any stage)

Creating a Manual YouTube URL That Lets You Start From a Certain Point. 

You can actually use the above method without the need to tick the Start at Box. However, you will still have to use the share option below subscribe. Changing the main link at the top in your browser does not have the same effect.

To make a manual change you simply have to add:


(x being any minute or second you wish the start point to be)

The (?) signals the beginning of a question. The (t=) Lets YouTube know that you wish your video link to start from a specific time. The final part, the numbers, is the time in which the video will begin playing from, which is going to vary depending on what you have set.

The below link will start playing from 1 minute and 11 seconds.


For now, however, there isn’t an option to make a stopping point on YouTube videos. So your friends might continue watching something else in the video they may find boring, you are just going to have to let it play through.