This fall, Redmond-based software giant Microsoft is expected to bring to the market a new version of its Windows Phone operating system, and some more info on the devices that might arrive on shelves with the new software on board emerged. Previous reports mentioned the possible availability of two new Windows Phone devices but, as expected, Microsoft's partners have more of them in store, and five other handsets have just made an appearance. In all fairness, they weren't properly unveiled, but their names were mentioned in a series of game stats on the website of a popular mobile games developer. We previously learned that HTC would be set to bring to the market soon the codenamed HTC Mazaa smartphone, which might prove to be none other than Sprint's own version of HTC Trophy, and the same device was spotted in the said stats as well. In addition to it, codenames/model numbers like DELL Advist, HTC MSM7x30, HTC-PC40200, HTC-MWP6885 and Samsung GT-I8703 emerged. Apparently, 98 people are already using the HTC Mazaa to play around with Elbert Perez' games (of Occasional Gamer blog), and the guys over at WPCentral suggest that, if this device is the Trophy, then it should be Verizon's flavor, not Sprint's. After all, it is already being tested into the wild, which should be enough of a proof of that, since Verizon is known to already have the phone in users' hands. Moreover, the aforementioned HTC-PC40200 is said to be the actual Sprint flavor of Trophy, since it was spotted at the FCC as a CDMA device. The HTC MSM7x30 shows that the Taiwanese mobile phone maker is already testing Windows Phone 7 on Qualcomm's new chips. The HTC-MWP6885 was spotted before, it seems, but specific info on the handset lack at the moment. No details on Samsung GT-I8703 are available either. As for the aforementioned DELL Advist, it is a new handset, though it was supposedly included in the leaked Dell roadmap that surfaced a while ago. In addition to these phones, we already stumbled upon a new LG handset, the E700, which should arrive on shelves sometime in fall with the new Windows Phone Mango on board, and with IE9 inside.