Sony is finally talking about its Next Generation Portable (aka the PSP2) after revealing it to the world yesterday, and it has now gone into detail about the device's price and battery life, two extremely important topics. The Japanese company finally presented to the world its Next Generation Portable device, which will succeed the current PlayStation Portable and take mobile gaming to a whole new level, at least in terms of hardware power. The price of the new device is still a mystery, as Sony didn't reveal any concrete tag for its upcoming portable platform. According to Sony Computer Entertainment President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, the company is targeting a point that won't drive away customers, definitely not the prohibitive $599 price tag that the PlayStation 3 had at its launch. "From the very beginning of the project - since 2008 - pricing was one of the considerations that we had," he told Game Informer. "Hopefully when we announce the price, people will see the proper value," he added. "It's not going to be $599." Seeing as how the main rival of the NGP will be the Nintendo 3DS, that will be launched with a $250 price tag, it's safe to say that the tag of the Sony device will be somewhere around that point. Next up, Yoshida discussed the battery life that the NGP would have, especially since its powerful hardware will take a considerable toll on it. According to the Sony executive, the new PlayStation Portable will have a battery life consistent with the current PSP-3000 model, meaning it will last somewhere between four to six hours, depending on what features you have active, like wireless, music or active games. If Sony achieves its goal, then the NGP will be on the same level as the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, whose battery life lasts between three to five hours, depending on if and how much you use the 3D technology. Sony's NGP hasn't received a release date, but you can expect it around the end of the year, before the winter holiday season.