Sony is reported to finally unveil to the world its worst kept secret in recent times, the PSP2, a new generation handheld device which will replace the aging PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Portable Go devices. The existence of the PSP2 has been rumored for a very long time, but only in recent months have actual details started appearing from either inside sources, developers, publishers and even in the form of hints from Sony itself. Many people expected the Japanese company to reveal the PSP2 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but Sony made no actual reveals, instead just relying on its head of the PlayStation division, Kaz Hirai, to drop a few heavy hints about the next evolution in portable gaming. Now, a few reports from various sources are saying that the PSP2 will finally be made official at a special press event in Tokyo, set to take place on January 27. This is by far one of the worst kept secrets the Japanese company ever had, even bigger than the PSP Go or the PlayStation 3 Slim, which were already known months ahead of their official presentations. The PlayStation Portable 2 is set to boast improved hardware capable of rendering graphics almost on the same level as the PlayStation 3, mostly due to the fact that it displays them on a smaller screen. The new device will be a step forward and implement many of the common annoyances people had with the regular PSP or the PSP Go. It will have two analog nubs, a sliding form factor, as well as a digital trackpad on the back of the device to help with certain titles that require touch input. If it wants to successfully take on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld, which will be 3D-capable when it arrives next month in Japan, Sony needs to really impress gamers and the media.