Sparkle seems to have come well prepared at this year's CeBIT fair as the company has showcased an impressive number of Nvidia-based graphics cards, and one of the most interesting models to be presented was the Sparkle One, a single-slot Nvidia GTX 570. As you probably know, most other GTX 570 designs use a two-slot cooling system as the card features a TDP of 219W, so Sparkle's feat is indeed impressive no matter how you look at it. However, in order to get away with using a single-slot cooler, Sparkle had to make some compromises as the card is a lot longer than other GTX 570 cards are. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly how long this thing actually is, but judging from the pictures provided, it seems like the Sparkle One will be compatible with only a limited number of desktop chassis. The card has grown to such as length since the fan used for cooling it is placed right at the PCB level and also requires a cut-out hole, similar to the one found in the original GTX 470 and GTX 480. Going for a low profile design, has also limited the number of DVI ports that Sparkle could fit on the back of the graphics card, so the One comes with just one such connector as well as with an HDMI and a DisplayPort video output. Specification wise, Sparkle's creation packs 480 CUDA cores, 60 texturing units, 40 ROPs, a 320-bit memory interface, just as the standard Nvidia GTX 570, but features a slightly higher core clock as it runs at 752MHz, compared to the reference 732MHz. The Sparkle One is powered via two PCI Express 6-pin plugs and features 1280MB of GDDR5 frame buffer. No details regarding pricing were announced, but the card is expected to arrive on the market in about a month's time.