We would like to share with you a short list of the most popular ‘about’ commands that can be found in Firefox. They will help you view the plug-ins list, delete the cache and know contributors who helped develop Firefox.

Text commands in Firefox can be useful if you are looking for a quick way to open the desired feature, or view the information on your web browser. To use the about commands just type it into the Firefox address bar.

about:blank Shows a blank page.
about:cache Shows information about Firefox cache.
about:credits Shows the list of contributors who helped develop Firefox.
about:home Shows home page of Firefox with Google search bar
about:memory Shows memory usage of Firefox
about:mozilla It's a firefox joke. Try it.
about:plugins Displays a list of plugins installed on Firefox
about:crashes Shows a list of submitted crash reports
about:downloads Shows all your downloads
about:healthreport Opens a report about your browser’s health
about:newtab Shows shortcuts to recently visited websites
about:preferences Quick Access to Firefox preferences
about:privatebrowsing Browsing in a Private Browsing
about:robots Another joke ;)