Remember a few hours ago when we told you details about a Windows Phone 7 update wouldn't be available until sometime in February? It looks like we were wrong, and Microsoft keeping especially tight lipped about the update at the CES keynote today had everyone fooled. The company has put up a page that details the contents of the update, and while the page doesn't hint at the release date, the URL does. The page, found on the Windows Phone 7 website here details the update with everything that we knew, and Microsoft told us about today. The only thing that gives away the release date is the URL of the page. The evidence seems solid, but we're confused to as why the company was so quiet about the plans today at CES. We figure the best way to create hype for the platform would be to tell the world about the update, and show off how quickly it was pushed. Microsoft is up to something, it'll be interesting to see if the update actually lands this month, though now that this page is live, we're likely to see it very soon. The first update for Windows Phone includes Copy & Paste, improved performance and better marketplace search. The page says that your phone will automatically alert you when the update is ready, but has provided further details here. It also sounds likely that we'll see multiple updates over the next few months, with the pages leading paragraph saying that; One question we hear often is: What’s next for Windows Phone? We’re obsessive about listening closely to our customers and improving our phone software. So over the next few months, look for updates that add some new features you’ve asked for and also tune up your phone’s performance.