Windows Phone Tango, supposedly the next version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, is expected to arrive on shelves with support for far more languages than the previous flavors of the platform. Rumor has it that there will be 120 languages supported in the OS as soon as the Tango version is released. This is yet another interesting feature that the platform is expected to pack, in addition to what was previously rumored on it, such as support for low-end hardware configurations. According to LiveSide, Microsoft themselves announced these details on the upcoming iteration of their mobile operating system. While Mango included support for only 35 languages, Tango has been designed with support for 120 languages, a Microsoft speaker reportedly said during a Windows Phone Developer camp in India a few days ago. Tango is the Windows Phone flavor that should bring the platform to more markets around the world, and support for more languages will enable this move. Windows Phone would also become the mobile platform with support for the most languages out there. Android supports only 55 of them at the moment, while iOS offers support for 34 of them. Over the past few months, there have been numerous rumors on what Tango is set to bring along, and some suggested that we would see new media controls and live tile folders packed with it as well. In Tango, the drop down media controls will feature a smaller size, the same as in the initial Windows Phone 7 release. At the same time, the upcoming Windows Phone iteration will enable the creation of folders on the Start screen. Basically, users will be able to group applications together for faster access. Tango is expected to hit devices in the next few months. In fall, Microsoft should launch another Windows Phone release, called Apollo, which is said to be the Windows Phone 8 release (some sort of a Windows 8 twin).