Kaspersky Internet Security Download

Kaspersky Internet Security protects your PC and laptop against cybercriminals and guarantees security , defends your files, music and photo against hackers.
* Improved proactive real time protection against all types of online threats
Prevents infections caused by known and unknown malware.
* complete protection of your digital identity
Intelligent protection from phishing attacks, with virtual keyboard, protects your digital identity while banking, shopping and chatting online
* Advanced parental control with an easy to use setup
Advanced parental control lets you block and control children’s use of PC and the Internet. With this feature your children will be safe both online and offline.
* application control delivers more effective defence against malware that can damage your operating system
With cloud-based functionality, every program is supplied with privilege to system resources based on automated risk estimation with Kaspersky Lab.
* system control technology
Ground-breaking system control technology debugs, safes and analyses every suspicious activity and lets delete it, if it is dangerous.
* Unique safe mode identifies suspicious websites and phishing websites
The safe mode lets you test potentially dangerous apps in an isolated environment, where they are harmless.
* special tool that can cure even the most complicated infections
In case of danger, CD installation board can be used as a rescue disk in order to restore the system. If you buy Kaspersky Lab in electronic version, you can create rescue disk on your own.
* desktop gadget is designed for quick access to the main features of the application
A new desktop gadget makes it much faster to access the preferred tools and protective configuration.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 offers many new and enhanced features and unique protection Technologies, that let fight against the latest online threats. It makes your PC performance fluent and it adjusts to your needs:

* the application control limits programs powers to system resources- it depends on the fact that application is conceded as trusted, unknown or dangerous
* system control: based on a heuristic analysis, monitors, limits and blocks suspicious activities
* the safe mode opens suspicious applications and websites without a risk of infection
* rescue disk enables system recovery after malware attack
* The safe mode delivers extra protection while paying online and other online activities at risk of losing your digital identity
* Advanced techniques protect your PC against malware and let you install the product on infected computer
* system control technology traces, safes and analyses every suspicious action and can also delete it, when it turns to be dangerous

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 provides a wide range of unique technologies that increase security and protection of your family. The program delivers fast and reliable PC performance.
* Proactive real time protection against viruses and other kinds of malware
* safe mode and toolbar for Web browser
* the best firewall protects against cybercriminals
* identity protection thanks to virtual keyboard and anti-phishing mode
* Unique safe mode for suspicious applications and www URLS
* advanced parental control with an easy-to-use setup
* Intelligent safe mode protects against spam and banners
* rescue disk lets you restore your system after malware attacks
* automatic updating and scanning

Award-winning Kaspersky Lab technologies protect your PC against digital threats such as :

* viruses, trojans, Worms and other harmful applications, spyware and adware application
* Rootkits and other types of complex threats
* blocks all types of key loggers
* Botnets and other illegal forms of taking control over your PC
* “zero-day” attacks and unknown threats
* “drive-by download” infections

System requirements:
480 MB free disk space (it depends on antivirus base dimension)
CD/DVD drive to install the program from the CD distributive
Computer mouse
Internet connection to activate the product
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or latest
Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0