K-Lite Codec Pack Download

K-Lite Codec Pack provides a free collection of codecs and codec-related tools that ensure you can play almost all movies downloaded from the Internet. Codecs are required to encode and decode  audio and video files and also allows smoother playback.

There are three versions of the application currently available: basic mode with essential tools for playing the most popular and widespread formats, designed for less experienced users; standard mode allowing you to play the commonly used formats addressed to average users; and finally full version for powerful users slightly richer in options and features with enormous number of codecs and an encoding support for a wide range of formats. From this point of view K-Lite Codec Pack proves to be extremely flexible.

The installation process allows users to customize included features,  which means it grants the possibility to select which component you wish to deploy on your PC.

The application provides regular updates to ensure the product is able to deal with the latest versions of the codecs.

It is a user-friendly solution that comes with a bunch of useful features including support for subtitles, detection of broken files, an easy to use interface and more.

To conclude, K-Lite Codec Pack is the most comprehensive all-in-one codec pack on the market that can play almost any media format.

5 variants of K-lite Codec Pack are available:

* Contains everything you need to play all popular video file formats.
* Supports playback of AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, OGM, MPEG, MOV, HDMOV, TS, M2TS, and OGG files.

Standard - Same as Basic, plus:
* Includes Media Player Classic Homecinema.
* Includes a MPEG-2 decoder for DVD playback.
* Supports playback of FLAC and WavPack audio files.

Full - Same as Standard, plus:
* Contains a few ACM and VFW codecs for audio and video encoding.
* Supports several additional lossless audio formats.
* Contains additional DirectShow filters. Giving you more freedom of choice to use your preferred filters.
* Contains a few useful tools, like GraphStudio.