Hex Editor Neo Download

A Hex Editor Software is a free Binary and Hexadecimal file editing utility for Windows with Multi-Document Interface, Multi-Window, Text Viewer, Debug Features, Advanced Search and Replace features.

Here are some key features of "Hex Editor Neo":

· Loads files up to 2 GB in a couple of seconds!
· Multi-document, multi-window interface. You can open as many files as you want, as well as open as many windows per file as you want. Later you can use Copy(Cut)/Paste operations between opened files.
· Autorestore feature that helps you restore opened files after system failure.
· Powerful Find feature.
· Drag&drop and other shell integration features.
· Goto (or jump) feature that allows you to move to any absolute or relative location in the file.
· Fill feature that can fill tens of Megabytes with undo support!
· Full Undo support. (The only limit is your hard disk free space).
· Expanding (inserting several parts) files, deleting parts of files etc. with full undo support.


· 14-day trial
· Nag screen