Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Download

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a program created for photographers - whether you want to work on just one picture, modify hundreds of them, or perhaps search for and manage thousands of images, this application will allow you to all this things perfectly. Create incredible pictures that will move your friends and audience. Experiment and use the most advanced photo-editing tools you could possibly imagine. Easily manage your image collections. Present your photos in graceful, elegant slide shows, Web galleries and photo collecting websites. All these things can be done with a fast and intuitive application.

Lightroom is Adobe's program addressed to all the professional photographers around here, offering tools that suit their needs perfectly. Lightroom has been created by professional photographers for professional photographers to make sure that this program saves your precious time you could spend on taking photos, managing your image collections in a thoughtful manner. The program is supported by numerous professional photographers who can communicate on Adobe Labs' website.

Main features of the program:
ÔÇó Fast editing of many photos thanks to an automatic feature of importing images from memory cards and PC-connected photo cameras. Automatically changes the names of the files and organizes your folders in an orderly manner.
ÔÇó Automatic photo conversion to DNG format files (Digital Negative) to make exporting the files to image library even easier.
ÔÇó Seek and choose your best photos thanks to advanced features regarding display of your photo collection, also in groups, along with zooming and image comparison tools.
ÔÇó Rich features regarding grouping the pictures and creating your own collections. You can create collections for various tasks or themes. You can also group similar photos to organize them later on.
ÔÇó A feature allowing you to sort your pictures according to your own criteria.
ÔÇó Make your pictures easier be find with the feature for automatic name changing. All you have to do is to set rules regarding image naming, and the program will change the names automatically when you import new photos.
ÔÇó Add metadata information to single photos or groups of photos.
ÔÇó Read, add and edit IPTC, EXIF and XMP entries.
ÔÇó Export key words to a separate file, allowing you to work on a few computers comfortably and just as fast as on one PC.
ÔÇó With a built-in feature for creating recovery copies you can store your photo collections safely on a CD, DVD, USB stick, or an external data storage device.
ÔÇó Put your photos in an orderly manner and make it easier to seek certain images by adding key words. Set key words for single photos and groups of images.
ÔÇó Quickly set features such as white balance, exposition and contrast with easy in use, analogous buttons, or by inserting numeric value. Edit files in RAW format.
ÔÇó Send photos to Adobe Photoshop for more advanced editing features.
ÔÇó Photos in RAW format are supported for more than 140 different models of photo cameras. Changes you make by using Adobe Lightroom don't change the initial structure of the photo, so you don't have to worry about destroying a photo beyond reparation.
ÔÇó Check sharpness, blurs and photo details with a comfortable zooming tool that can be managed with both mouse and keyboard.
ÔÇó Compare your photos, one next to another, before and after editing it, in both horizontal and vertical orientation.
ÔÇó Convert technicolour photos to gray scale with great precision. You can specifically set the contrast and details by working on the colours of an initial photo.
ÔÇó Edit more photos by applying pre-defined settings that you can set for substantial numbers of pictures.
ÔÇó With history panel, you can track all the changes you have made in a photo, so you can get back to any stage you want without any effort.
ÔÇó Remove granulations with a built-in tool, with only one click of your mouse.
ÔÇó Fit your photos to user-defined canvas.
ÔÇó Quickly get rid of red eyes with a built-in tool.
ÔÇó Print your photos fast and professionally thanks to pre-defined settings that allow you to print a large number of pictures in a very short period of time.
ÔÇó Create online galleries that are HTML- and Adobe Flash-based without knowing anything about the languages of programming thanks to a set of intuitive tools. The results of your work can be investigated before putting them on a website.
ÔÇó Use built-in tools to create glamorous slide shows with audio in the background by importing music files from your iTunes music library.
ÔÇó Add your logo and watermark to your photos, galleries and slide shows to make them look even more professional.