XWidget Download

Xwdiget is the feature-laden application that enables to customize your desktop appearance according to your needs and styles. It includes a number of impressive ready-made widgets. Using this software, you can check stock prices, the weather, headlines, messages, play videos and many more. Clicking the Weather widget, you can easily access the weather forecast for your area.

Features of XWidget are scattered throughout its widgets. A particularly appealing feature is XWidget designer. It is an excellent tool used to create as well as customize various widgets. It improves different properties of your widgets and allows user to change size, color, action and so on. The Dashboard has the capacity for displaying available widgets along the bottom of the screen. Moreover, the Dashboard, like other features of XWidget, is highly customizable. Three main widgets open with the application, i.e. a compact photo gallery, a weather widget, and an analog clock face. Besides, this utility also contains come extras like a screenshot tool.

The interface of XWidget is simple and intuitively configured.

All in all, XWidget offers a lot of bells and whistles so users can tinker with plethora choices available and create a perfect desktop that will suit their requirements.