The Matrix Screen Saver Download

The Matrix ScreenSaver is a tiny application designed for Windows that shows the well-known theme from the green Matrix series. For trilogy lovers, it is one of the most interesting projects of this type. The installation is blazingly fast, and there aren’t any additional configuration options. Just download, install and enjoy the popular theme.

Once you open the Matrix ScreenSaver’s menu, you can enter coded messages into the cypher lines. The application also allows you to change the font, size, with the use of one simple option of having the text in bold letters. But you can also customize the decoding speed, along with the speed of the displaying message. The inserted messages are displayed in the middle of the screen.
Similar to other apps of its kind, users are allowed to adjust the number of minutes your computer needs to display the screen saver.

To conlude, Matrix ScreenSaver is an excellent utility that can bring back memories of one of the most popular movie. The program is simple to use and install, so even novices should be able to quickly get around all the app’s options.