ooVoo Download

ooVoo is a program that allows you to conduct online talks and video conferences. Apart from its rudimentary features that let its users communicate, this application has a number of powerful features that make ooVoo a perfect solution for a group of people who often use video conference features, along with the features that allow to send the image from your screen to another people's monitors.

ooVoo is changing the way people communicate and connect online with its high-quality video and audio and multi-user capabilities that allow up to six people to talk face-to-face with each other at the same time. Using ooVoo is easy and fun, all consumers need is a computer, a broadband connection and a Web camera. In addition, ooVoo offers video messaging to an email or another ooVoo account, text messaging, and file sharing.

ooVoo has a feature that allows to record video and sound, and only the capacity of your hard drive is the limit. The recordings you have made can be saved by the program in FLV format.

The program allows to modify the apperance of your face and the background of your chatters, it also allows you to send high definition video. The vast variety of features and easy access make ooVoo a perfect program for anyone who uses video/audio conferences, as well as the programs that use VOIP standard in communication.