TeamSpeak Client Download

TeamSpeak is a perfect voice chat application that allows you to easily communicate with your teammates over the Internet. The excellent voice quality, the noise reduction, along with the possibilities to adjust its bandwidth usage make it the top choice software in Voice over IP communications.

The program comes in two separate applications, namely it acts as a server and a client. You can therefore create a personal server for voice communication at home, which allows you to talk to your friends while playing game. As a server admin, you are empowered to create and delete user accounts, block certain users, establish different rights to channels and users or password protect the access to the server, just to name the most important ones.

As for the client application, it's very simple to use. All you need to do is enter your IP address. Once installation is complete, you are greeted with a Setup Wizard, what makes things even easier. The program’s interface is simple and plain, so you do not have to be a rocket scientist to use it. You can also browse for any of the hundreds of public servers available on the web.

The program sits silently in the system tray and memory resources are barely touched. The voice quality is really impressive. Also, the application lets you customize many of the program’s settings such as the ability to activate the microphone only when you speak.

TeamSpeak is a perfect solution for online game players, since it gives you total control over your voice communications and ensures privacy. So next time you play online with your friends, forget about annoying typing while struggling in a crucial battle and start using TeamSpeak.