Hotspot Shield Download

 Hotspot Shield is the world’s most trusted Internet connection protector with over 10 million active users. It incorporates strong HTTPS technology to secure web browsing sessions, online shopping information and protects your online personal information from snoopers, hackers and ISP’s. There are two versions of the app currently available, one free of charge VPN, and a paid for product Hotspot Shield Elite which is slightly richer in options including built-in malware protection.

The application acts as a shield to secure your IP address by providing users with new IP address hosted by Anchor Free, allowing anonymous web surfing. Users who inadvertently connect with the internet in public hotspots like hotels, restaurants and airports, expose their PCs and network to the whims of snoopers  or ISP’s and put themselves at risk of having their online identity, passwords, credit card information or other sensitive data stolen or their computer compromised. The best Wi-Fi security is provided with virtual private network (VPN) created between the PC or other device and the Internet gateway.

Among the best things about Hotspot is its cutting-edge Wi-Fi detection and protection. Once the program is installed, it turns to green when it indicates the browser and system are connected. The Properties option offers detailed information about your connection such as allocated IP address, amount of incoming and outgoing data and how long you have been connected.

Some recent changes include connection status icon, the new tweaked interface, the best network detection and does not require admin privileges to install the product.

In some places like schools, universities or offices access to websites such as Facebook, Youtube or Twitter is restricted. If you consider online freedom as a priority, Hotspot Shield is a perfect solution that will fulfill your expectations. Hotspot Shield allows viewing blocked internet sites without any restrictions.

Although Hotspot Shield provides good streaming, it is ad-supported and offers toolbar installation which is in fact no required for app to function properly, however you can opt out of this.

The main benefit of using this ultimate Internet security solution is an impressive list of features allowing anonymous browsing, preventing scoopers and hackers intercepting sensitive data and the ability to unblock restricted websites.