WordWeb Download

WordWeb is the application which major aim is to work like a dictionary i.e. look for unknown word and give detailed information about it.

Using WordWeb is a three steps process: first you open it with a mouse click, then you paste a word and thirdly you are provided with the results. While searching for a word, you can select word categories such as verbs, nouns, adjectives and so on. You can choose if you want an option letting you to see pronunciation or getting information about usage, synonyms, or offensive words. Moreover, it is possible to install this app as portable, but it depends on your preferences.

What is more, WordWeb saves a history of words that one have searched for, so that they can be accessed quickly when needed. Additional options include: consulting results in a web browser, checking online references or creating bookmarks.

The developer affirms that WordWeb is comprised of more than 240,000 words. It has its own online source which is regularly updated but it does not belong to any World-acclaimed dictionary.

As far as the interface is concerned it is intuitive. Checking up a word is a piece of cake. During the installation process you will be asked by the program to provide it with locale you are going to use. The program also takes up a moderate amount of system requirements.

To conclude, if you sometimes are lost for words, or struggle with a writer’s block, or for any other reason you need to quickly check up a word, WordWeb is a  supreme tool to confront it. Once you start using WordWeb, you will forget about other dictionaries.