Free Video Flip and Rotate Download

Free Video Flip and Rotate is a small utility for video processing by rotating the image in the videos. The program allows you to rotate the image horizontally, so you get the mirror effect, as well as vertical and rotate 90 and 180 degrees in any direction.
Since the program is easy to use, it does not have any additional settings and requires no configuration. When you fire up the application, select the file you want to work with, and the presets to be applied. Once the file is loaded into the program, the window will display two miniatures of our material, one of which is a preview of the applied changes. An image can be rotated using the icon on the navigation bar.

The program comes with seven profiles to choose from. Each profile lets you rotate an image in a different way. The shining part is that we can see all the changes on the spot due to the built-in viewer. Since the changes are not permanently applied, we can experiment and choose the desired position before we decide to save it.

Once you are satisfied with your work, just establish the destination folder and confirm the applied changes. The program creates a brand new file, and the source material remains untouched. If you want to fix a large video, you can set the app to automatically shut down your computer when the task is completed.