PCDJ DEX 2 DJ Software Download

PCDJ DEX 2 DJ Software is designed for DJs and people who want to create their own mixes of tracks using a computer. The tool has a lot of functions related to music mixing, similar to those offered by competing and more famous programs of this type.

The program allows you to use samples, sound effects, loops and other useful tools during DJ work. PCDJ DEX 2 DJ has a graphical spectrum analyzer, a vinyl record simulator and a Beat Skip function that allows you to skip to different parts of a song without missing the beat of the entire song. In addition, the PCDJ DEX 2 DJ Software is equipped with extensive management functions of our music library located on the hard drive and CDs. In the program, you can create our own playlist, edit ID3 tags and even mix video materials

It should be noted that the demo version of PCDJ DEX 2 DJ Software turns off automatically after 30 minutes of operation. Which is about the shortest time in existence for a demo...