SC Audio DJ Mixer Download

SC Audio DJ Mixer is a multi- file audio player with embedded features to apply sound effects in real time. It comes along with monitor and tester, powerful play list manager and audio recorder mode. SC Audio DJ Mixer supports WAV and MP3 and lets those file formats convert between each other. Because it supports both MP3 and WAV it can act as a converter between them.
Key features of SC Audio DJ Mixer:

  • Plays and mixes MP3 and WAV
  • Plays files randomly or in sequence
  • Easily searches through disc for audio files
  • An easy to use play list
  • Converts MP3 to WAV and WAV to MP3
  • Ability to add various sound effects
  • Cross fading effects
  • Ability to record from a microphone
  • The output saved to MP3 and WAV