New Super Mario Forever 2012 Download

New Super Mario Forever 2012 is the latest continuation of the classic Super Mario game. As it is completely new game, the renewed graphics and sound differentiate a little bit when compared to the original version. However, it remains faithful to the classic Mario format, and what is the most important retains much of the game play.

Similar to the previous version, there are lots of secret worlds filled with plenty of levels and secret stages to explore and the game difficulty increases as you  get through the levels. There are plenty of level to choose from, starting from underwater caverns and ending up with levels filled with hot lava. There are 50 worlds to play in, plus some extra worlds and even a secret level. The basic scenario hasn’t changed either. Still, you are a little plumber, who goes through different levels to collect coins and save the princess. Even the enemies hasn’t changed, Mario has to dodge malevolent mushrooms and ill-tempered turtles.

Of course, the latest edition brings some new improvements such as an option to save a game when you complete a world, and several bonuses.

To conclude, New Super Mario Forever 2012 is an excellent reproduction of Super Mario and will definitely appeal to fans of the original old Mario