Icy Tower Download

There are times when you need a game that is uncomplicated but keeps you playing. Icy Tower proves to be a carefree way to kill some spare time you have on your hand. Though the task may seem obvious and easy: climb up the icy tower, as far up as you can, without falling or being knocked off the screen, it is in fact quite dificult, as the game speeds up its pace time and again. You can jump higher if your run (or slide, really) faster, but it is highly not recommended to slip down the abyss.

With its humorous approach and cartoon-style graphics you will surely enjoy Icy Tower. You can turn into a hip-hop kid or a disco guy and jump in the rhythm of appropriately added music soundtrack. Although this game is not the most complicated game ever, it certainly proves to be one of the best games of its kind: a sure time-killer with a good sense of humour.