Advanced Uninstaller Pro Download

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is free Windows application which enables users to remove and clean traces of all useless programs and files you want to get rid of.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro features are classified by its functions including General Tools, Registry Tools, and Internet Browsing Tools. The program’s essential tool is the uninstaller. It keeps a register of programs alphabetically and by version (32-bit or 64-bit). However, it does not list programs according to the date of installation, location, or version.

Moreover, Advanced Uninstaller Pro has the capacity for scanning one’s PC to look for files that have been left after user uninstalled software. In some undesirable cases, leftover files can contain spyware, that threatens the security of your PC, but Advanced Uninstaller will clean up all that mess. Besides, users can precisely indicate which entries are to be cleaned or excluded.

The application is also equipped with a distinctive installation-monitoring feature which keeps track of what happens to your system when you either install or uninstall different types of software. Installation-monitoring can be used both manually and automatically. It is helpful in identifying installation problems, as well as in making sure that all traces of programs one installed, are removed completely. In addition, it contains a variety of system maintenance tools.

Above all, Advanced Uninstaller Pro has a bunch of extras like Duplicate File tool, Registry Cleaner and Optimizer, Cookie Manager, Startup Manager and more.

Interface is without a doubt functional thanks to its large buttons placed on a space-themed background and tweaks that can boost your PC performance.

All in all, Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a decent and helpful software that does its job quickly and thoroughly even with most difficult and stubborn software. Installing this program on your PC is definitely no-risk choice.