Sound Forge Pro Download

Sound Forge Pro is one of the most appreciated and most popular programs enabling advanced audio editing on a home PC. The program allows to record and edit music files along with adding numerous special sound effects to your audio projects. This tool is a must-have application for anyone working within sound edition industry, as it can change your home computer into a professional recording studio.

Sound Forge Pro deals with a vast variety of different file formats without any problems. It can successfully import files saved in any known formats, such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, all the formats of QuickTime (AAC, M4A), RAW and many, many more.

The program allows to record in stereo mode and multichannel mode, along with supporting high quality 24-bitrate, 64-bitrate and 192kHz files. The program's advanced editor allows to edit sound in real-time mode. And if this is not enought, you will also find support for video files in file formats such as AVI, WMV and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, making it possible to conduct all the operations concerning synchronizing the video and audio, frame after frame.

You can make a number of operations on open projects such as sound normalization, adding leveled volume of sound in the beginning and the ending of a track, backtracking sound, improving sound quality, improving low and high tones and changing the play time of a whole music file. Incredibly interesting results can be gotten within only a few clicks of a mouse, and the features described in here are only a drop in a bucket of possibilities.

Apart from the features regarding the mastering of an audio track, in the program you will find a separate menu with all the effects which you can add to the project. the list of the effects is quite compelling, and here you can find effects such as Chorus, Delay / Echo and Reverb. Such names are probably well known to anyone interested in creating new music and soundtracks. There are also additional options concerning changing the sound tone, dynamics, adding a vibrato or removing blurs.

Since the program is a total monster when it comes to sound editing it has been equipped with even more features for enriching its interface with extra features. And there are many of these, no fewer than the effects and editing features. Users will find an integrated interface for recording Audio CDs, along with tools for finding steered sound, and a built-in converter for mass changes of sound to other file formats.

The editor supports also VST plug-ins. By default the program has a vast variety of effects in its data base, but if you think that this is not enough, then nothing stops you from adding additional VST and DirectX effects by third party authors. The program allows to comfortably add all the available plug-ins with a catalog tree.

Sound Forge Pro is the ultimate tool for all those poeple who are looking for a solid, intuitive and effective program for audio efiting, podcast recording, adding sound effects, preparing soundtracks, along with far-fetched mastering.