Magic Camera Download

Magic Camera is an application that brings both funny and practical features to your webcam. Thanks to this amazing tool, you can use your webcam in a variety of ways. Once you try using it, and discover its’ special effects and versatile functions , you will stop to use your webcam only for video-chatting.

Magic Camera present itself with colorful and simplistic interface. There are number s of functions and animations hidden under the hood. All of them can be easily accessed even by inexperienced users, e.g. while chatting you can add some text, use painting tools or flash emoticons. Another advantage of the Magic Camera is the fact that it not only works  with real webcams but also gives you an opportunity to use virtual webcams.  Additionally, it is free to try it out.

 It is also easy to put it in practice, all the functions are well organized.  However, when approaching it for the first time, you must choose your webcam device and it takes some time. Although installation may be time-consuming, it is an easy process. It also works well with programs such as Skype, AOL Instant Messenger etc.

All in all, Magic Cam has an impressive number of functions, starting from special effects such as brightness or color tone to playing videos. It can turn your video-chatting into a real fun.