Free Virtual Keyboard Download

Free Virtual Keyboard is a free program that allows to display a full sized QWERTY keyboard on your computer's screen. Such an application is a perfect solution for those who use small mobile devices or compact keyboards but they need additional functional keys.

Not only is Free Virtual Keyboard a great addition to physical keyboard, but it can also be used for typing in data on touchpad screens or tablets running on Windows operating system. Furthermore, this program can be helpful if your keyboard crashes unexpectedly. The program has a simple, intuitive interface, and the keyboard it displays is readable and comfortable in use.

The keyboard has a classic QWERTY set. Its transparency can be controlled so a rather substantial window doesn't disturb your work. To get into options panel right-click on the frame of the window. In settings you can turn on or off repeatable keys, or set the size of the window according to the size of your screen.

Along with this options you can also set among seven various colour schemes and three different sets of keys - letters only, function keys only, or "all-inclusive". Although it takes a while to get used to a desktop keyboard and it may be difficult to start your work with the program - it comes without any Help file - Free Virtual Keyboard is a great alternative or a good extension to a physical keyboard.