Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multi Theft Auto mod Download

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multi Theft Auto mod is a special modification made for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that allows to play in multiplayer mode with other gamers via the Internet. Thanks to a substantial number of richly featured modes the game that used to be dedicated to single player only has changed its ways completely. You can play by co-operating with other players, completeing a vast variety of quests or compete with them in a number of specially designed tasks (such as races or driving through a given number of pedestrians). 

Along with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multi Theft Auto modification brand new modes of game have been introduced, so the game known so fat as a sandbox can become both an RPG as well as an action game or a thriller. Not only have the game modes been modified, but also a vast number of interesting alterations to the cities took place, there are also new cars and other vehicles that are not available in the original version of the game. There are even more objects that can be destroyed. In the newest release of the mod, adding textures has also been improved along with scripts that code numerous aspects of the game. Furthermore, with this mod you can take fast screenshots and add or remove destroyable objects on the map.