3DP Chip Download

3DP Chip is a lightweight application that is useful for those users you don't know what parts have been installed on their computers. The program checks you computer and diplays information on the names and models of all your components, such as the CPU, motherboard, GPU, audio controllers, TV controllers and Ethernet controllers.

The application allows also to quickly check available updates to the drivers for chosen components. The interface of the program is very intuitive and simple in using - after you launch it, in the window you can see a list of all the components installed in your PC. If you want to check availability status for new updates of the drivers, you have to click on the chosen component and the program will open a window in your Internet browser that will direct you to a website where you can find the latest release of the driver, along with the date of the latest update.   

3DP Chip is a useful tool for all those users who have only started working on a computer and installing and updating their drivers. Also those who need to update their drivers and want to quickly check what components are installed on their computers will find this program handy.