SuperOneClick Download

If you are looking for a single click root for your Android device, then SuperOneClick is the right choice. It lets you root any Android device on the market including smartphones and tablets. Apart from rooting it offers a bunch of extra options. Some of these options include Allow Non Market Apps  and phone unlock code delivery. Thanks to rooting, users can get the most of their devices, not to mention the access to its amazing features. For example, users can download new tools before they officially brought out.

Using  SuperOneClick is a piece of cake. It may seem to be a little bit daunting task, but in fact the whole process is painless. Simply, use the USB cable that came with the phone and connect your Android device to the computer. Download the SuperOneClick program and click the Root button. As simple as that.

SuperOneClick is the easiest tool for "rooting" ever. It lets you root partially or fully. You can also "unroot" it.  The application supports a long list of Android devices, and deserves to give it at least a try.