SplitCam Download

SplitCam is the type of software that allows users to use their webcams with various programs simultaneously. Typically, users are allowed to connect one application to a separate video capture device. But SplitCam is different because it lets users to connect numerous programs to one video capture source.

SplitCam comes with a bunch of attractive features. It empowers users to split the video to several programs inclusive of Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, or Skype. In addition, the application provides users with multiple visual effects such as filters, face items, frames, backgrounds, and avatars that can be added to their videos. These effects can be employed during live chat and make your conversation more lively and fun. Plus, with the help of the tool users can take snapshots, at a set up time or manually.

Taking into account configuration, the program has only a few options. The things users are allowed to change are the tooltips and the startup feature. Additionally, users can select the video resolution and play with webcam settings to regulate brightness, contrast and colours.
Overall, SplitCam is a feature-laden application with powerful capabilities. It will definitely keeps its users pleased.