Bat To Exe Converter Download

Bat To Exe Converter is the type of conversion program that helps users to get executable files out of batch files.

The interface is very-user friendly so you will not experience any problems working with the program. The main window enables users to choose the desired batch file as well as output file. Users can choose either English or German for your EXE file. Then users are allowed to adjust their settings according to their needs. Options tab gives users a choice to select to create either visible or invisible application. For users who wish to encrypt their resulting executable file they are given the possibility to assign it a password.

Taken into account the customization options for the resulting executable file, they contain some information like file and product version, product and internal name, as well as company. After configuring the preferences, the program creates customized executable file. Another option is that users can employ the command line and specific parameters and get the same results.

Overall, Bat To Exe Converter is a very handy and efficient piece of software that converts bat script files to exe files.