JPG to PDF Converter Download

JPG to PDF Converter is the tool used for converting JPG images into PDF documents. It includes JPEG viewer that enables users to view or preview JPG and JPEG files.

The program supports drag and drop method used to choose files users want to convert. Users can establish the PDF page size and also determine the layout of the page. JPG to PDF Converter offers users numerous possibilities. To name just a few: users can to gather their photos into an attractive album, or produce thumbnails for scanned images, as well as create PDF ebook containing JPG and JPEG files. Additionally, the process of conversion is fast and converted file can be opened in any PDF viewer.

The interface of JPG to PDF Converter is three-paneled. It is also simple but pretty effective. Icons and buttons are clearly positioned so that users can access features quickly. The settings are rather elementary, just allowing users to choose if they want to combine all JPEGs in one batch into a separate PDF file, or if they wish to convert JPEGs to PDFs one for one.
All in all, JPG to PDF Converter despite its simplicity is a powerful tool that converts files fast without affecting their quality. Users not acquainted with this type of software will appreciate it for sure.