PDF Reader for Windows 8 Download

PDF Reader for Windows 8 is a free tool for opening and reading PDF format files. This uncomplicated e-book reader has a very simple interface and proves to be both lightweight and fast. In addition, the program has been featured with tools allowing to convert PDF files to other formats, both text formats (TXT) as well as graphic formats (GIF, JPG, BMP and many other). It allows to for example extract an editable text right from a PDF format file.

The program has a very simple interface and doesn't have many configuration options. Just as it is in the case of other PDF opening programs there are features on the toolbar that allow to change the way in which websites are displayed. You can either leave original size or change it accordingly to the size of the window of an application.

Among the characteristic features of thep program is the fact that a site can be scrolled with a mouse. All you need to do is to "catch" the site and move the cursor upward and downward; the site will move accordingly. You can switch between pages by using arrows on the keyboard, or by clicking the buttons that can be found on a toolbar. On a toolbar there are also options for rotating pages by 45 degrees along with zooming in and out. The reader renders fonts very nicely as they are easily readable.   

PDF Reader for Windows 8 allows to display technical details about an opened document. You can find there information about the program with which the document has been created, the size of the pages and their number, the type of security passes and information on document's access (allowance for modifying the content, etc.).

Despite of the name of the program, it is compatible also with older versions of Windows and it offers no features typical for Windows 8's Modern interface.