DocX Viewer Download

Docx Viewer is a lightweight, free and very fast program that allows to browse DOCX format documents. DOCX format is present in the newest versions of Office suite and proves to be an improved version of old DOC format. However, Microsoft Word in the older Office suite versions does not support these files. That is where Docx viewer steps in.

The program easily manages all the documents saved in DOCX format - the whole content is displayed just like in the original document, there are no changes to the text, along with identical formatting. All the colours, fonts, boldings and other elements remain unchanged. You only have to remember that Docx Viewer can be only used to browse documents - you cannot either create new documents using the program, or edit the existing ones.

The program has a very simple interface without any complicated or advanced features. Apart from displaying the content of a document, you can find a notification bar in the bottom part of the window that informs you about the author of the file and the date of the latest modification of the document. The program itself exists in portable version, meaning that you can move it between all the computer without habing to install it. This is a perfect solution for office work, if the employees don't have the newest version of Office suite installed on their comptuers but they need to gain access to documents that have been saved in DOCX file format.

Using the program is trivially simple and really all you need to do is to choose a DOCX format file. In addition to that Docx Viewer can be set as a default program for opening DOCX format files. To do it you just have to open Options menu and choose Associate *.docx option.