BitMeter 2 Download

With BitMeter 2 you can investigate details concerning data flow on certain days and months. The application has a user-friendly interface with statistical information presented in the form of charts and graphs. Undoubtedly, among the biggest advantages is the fact that the program allows to set a limit for maximal data transfer. Such a feature proves useful especially to those users who have limited monthly transfer with their Internet connection.

In addition, the interface of the program displays all the ongoing uploads and downloads. There is also a simple built-in calculator for counting the speed of the connection and the estimated time of a download. The program allows you to examine summaries of your Internet activity in a week's, month's and year's time, and you can create back-up points to restore previous settings at any given moment.

BitMeter's interface in very intuitive and customizable, since you can modify the fonts, colours, and transparency in a snap. Taking into consideration its minuscule size, the program offers impressive features in a minimal amount of space.