JetClean Download

JetClean is a handy tool that can help you clear up your hard drive cluttered with junk files. Is simply gets rid of unnecessary files thus giving it fresh look and boosting your computer's performance.

Since JetClean can be a portable product, you can save JetClean on flash drive and directly run its executable file on your friends’ computer.

The JetClean’s interface is nicely-organnized and pretty intuitive. The tool is able to deal with the registry, Windows items, applications, shortcuts and RAM. In the main window you can find five menus, namely Registry Clean, Windows Clean, Apps Clean, Shortcuts Clean, and RAM Clean. Each of them features options for cleaning specific parts of the computer.

In addition to its cleaning features, JetClean brings far more interesting options. For example, you can view system information, delete installed programs from your computer and use a search function.

This user-friendly application requires a very low amount of system resources and does its job quite fast. Although there is no help file, JetClean can be recommended to users of all level skills.