Deezer Download

Deezer is an online application where we can listen to music directly from the browser for free. This music streaming service offers a huge database of over 25 millions of songs. Users can create their own playlists, add songs to favorites, share music with friends and discover new artists and albums thanks to the recommendations made by Deezer , which are created on the basis of your music preferences.

The adventure with Deezer begins with the search for your favorite songs. For this reason, the application incorporates an advanced search engine, with which we can search for artist, songs, albums, genres or themes and artist-based channels. Deezer scans all directories and displays the results in such a way to match our keywords. Once we find out the music that we're interested in , there is nothing on the way to add it to our library. You can add unlimited number of tracks and albums to our library, and access it from any place in the world and at any time.

In addition to adding songs to your collection, you may also refer to individual artists as favorites. If you subscribe a particular artists, you will be able to follow them and receive the latest information about their new albums or concerts. You can also search for similar artists - just switch to the "Similar artists" and Deezer will give you personal recommendations. What is more, there is a possibility to listen to new albums before the official release.

Discover artists specially handpicked for you and follow members with similar tastes. Another great thing about Deezer is that you can share your favourite songs with friends and post them on Facebook and Twitter. At the top of the application, there is a control panel, where you can see all the songs in the current playlist, mark the currently playing tracks as favorites, repeat them and do much more. The service also takes advantage of additional features, such as equalizer . Of course, we can adjust the volume or move the tracks in time.