Flickr Downloader Download

Flickr Downloader is, as the name suggests, a program for downloading photos from an account on After logging in to your account and authorizing the application, you can download all or a selection of photos to your computer. The program has a simple interface that looks similar to the Windows File Explorer. In the main window, you have thumbnails of photos for download. In the bottom left there is a link to log in to your Flickr account. In the bottom right - a button for downloading selected photos. That's all.

The Flickr Downloader unfortunately does not allow you to download photos if you have previously marked them as private in your Flickr account. Only publicly available photos can be downloaded. Flickr Downloader also allows you to search and download photos shared with Flickr by other users. All you need to do is click the Search button on the start screen, and then enter the phrase or word you are interested in.