Planet VPN Download

With this free PC application, you can become anonymous in a few clicks, hide your search history, traffic and get unlimited access to blocked resources and websites in any country.
With Planet VPN, you can forget about any blocking and enjoy all the Internet resources and messengers that you like (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, VK, Instagram) without restrictions.

Functional features of the Planet VPN resource:
• complete absence of logs with customer information;
• Classification of our data carriers in all countries of the world;
• functioning of the service without requesting personal data of users;
• no traffic limits. Speed ​​and duration of use;
• 5 countries with servers to choose from - free of charge;
• high speed data transfer at any time of the day;
• availability of program versions for different platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, IOS) and extensions for browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera);
• Supports up to 10 devices at once;
• round the clock support.

Why choose Planet VPN today?
By installing our vpn program, customers get the opportunity to access the Internet for free without any restrictions with the opportunities provided by the best paid services.
Also, our users can try the Premium package, which provides access to more servers in 60 countries of the world and adds more new features.

Changes in Planet VPN

In the new version of the Windows application, the user interface has been improved, providing a faster, more secure and stable VPN connection.
Key changes include:
- Complete redesign of the application with a fresh and modern look;
- Enhanced performance and accelerated connection to servers;
- Intuitive user interface for easy navigation within the application;
- Added a secure browsing feature to your browser.
Update the version now to start using the updated and improved functionality of the Planet VPN application!