ObjectDock Download

ObjectDock serves to put your favourite links, apps and various widgets in one place in a very accessible way. ObjectDock is a tool obviously inspired by docks belonging to Mac OS X and Linux. In fact, it is a quite feasible alternative. It even contains the same magnification effect which lets users to add more docklets, i.e. widgets.

It grants its users an animated Launchpad with lots of features. It includes a collection of diverse built-in backgrounds (users can get more via the Internet). The first thing you see when launching it, is an appealing dock. It has the same looking icons as Windows taskbar. It contains some extras like a clock and a weather widget that updates weather for your location.

Thanks to its functions users can view the system resource utilization, their email status, or network or memory use. Moreover, you can add to the dock as many shortcuts as you wish thanks to the simple settings menu.

Because of multitude effects and animations it displays, it may slow down your PC performance. However, there are options that allow to optimize for performance or memory usage according to ones needs. The ObjectDock installation process is pretty straight-forward.

Taking everything into consideration, ObjectDock is a good replacement of your Windows taskbar.