Google Desktop Download

The Google Desktop is a small yet smart application that lets users browse their desktop content quickly and easily. Google Desktop brings to the table the potential of Google’s search engine technology.

Be careful during the setup process because it offers to set Google as your homepage and default browser search. Once you install the application, it will index the files on your PC, like emails, photos, chats, contacts, web clips, news, weather and so on. Since it supports most of file types and you can choose which one would you like to index. Google Desktop is placed on the right side of your screen in a sidebar. You can find there helpful tips on how to run the search box, how to take gadgets to the desktop or hide them.

There are numerous gadgets you can add to Google Desktop. Some of these include, email, Google Talk, Photos, To Do's, RSS feeds, Google Translate, the Skype plug, “Am I Blocked” , System Stats and a collection of Flash games such as Tetris and Moonlander, to name a few. Regarding security, the developers have made a number of improvements to enhance web security to ensure better protection against malware and phishing.

Google Desktop presents itself as a reliable and effective desktop organizer that eats up minimum system and memory resources, and on top of this, it is free. Maybe some gadgets are useless, but many of them are funny and unique. It deserves to give it a try especially if you seek to have everything well-organized and at hand.