ZoneAlarm Free Download

Users who inadvertently browse the Internet expose their PC’s and network to the whims of hackers and other unwelcomed visitors, thus putting themselves at risk of having their computer compromised. Firewalls are considered to be necessary tools that can assure solid computer defence together with a powerful antivirus tool. Therefore ZoneAlarm Free might appear to be a pretty reliable solution that can protect your system from any unauthorized accesses.

Watch out for the browser toolbar and the default homepage Zone Alarm Free Firewall is trying to install during the installation process.

Even though ZoneAlarm Free has changed a lot from previous versions, it continues to offer great performance, ease of use and accurate protection. ZoneAlarm seems to be one of the easiest firewalls to setup and use while eating up moderate amount of system resources even when blocking attacks.

ZoneAlarm brings embedded Firewall, Application Control, an Internet Lock, Security Levels, and Security Zones. With these powerful set of tools, the application ensures worry- free downloading, surfing, social networking and gaming.

Unlike the set of features in the application, the interface hasn’t evolved too much. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall comes with a simple and straightforward interface where you can find specific features for anti-malware protection and preventing your identity from being stolen. You can also choose the level of security for your computer and select the type of program control you want to run. The included Game mode lets you enjoy your gaming experience as it suppresses most security alerts or notifications.

All in all, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is an additional layer of security that offers protection against hackers, unauthorized access and other online threats.