Hamachi Download

Hamachi allows you to establish secure, direct connections between computers that for some reason are not available in our local network. For example, if your computer is connected to the Internet through a broadband router is in the house, you will not be able to connect to it from your work.

Hamachi will be able to connect two or more computers quickly and safely. The only thing we have to do is to install Hamachi on both computers. After installation and connection we can enjoy the network, now we can upload and share files, run remote desktop, we can also host multiplayer games. All will act as if computers were linked together with a real cable.

Hamachi allows you to connect computers, regardless of whether they work behind firewalls or other computer programs that take care about computer security.

Please note that Hamachi allows you to connect computers on the LAN, even in this case when they are connected with the Internet through different devices. Speaking professional language Hamachi allows for bidirectional NAT traversal.

The peer to peer connection is possible thanks to Hamachi servers. When users connect to the virtual network, data starts to flow directly between them. Thanks to this delay is minimal and the transfer rate is always at the highest level.

Hamachi is a safe program. All connections via Hamachi are encrypted using standardized algorithms and protocols. Nobody from the outside can be connected to your network.Foreign computer won't be able to get to the data which are exchanged between users in the Hamachi network.

Moreover, Hamachi security architecture is completely accessible to users. As a result, anyone interested will be able to view the detailed description of it.

NOTE: a free program intended only for personal use. If you want to use the program for commercial purposes you should pay an annual fee, then you will be able to create up to 256 Hamachi network. The free version can only connect 16 users to one network, commercial version can connect up to 50 user to one network.

Hamachi Key features:
• Ability to create 256 Hamachi networks.
• Each Hamachi network can operate up to 50 users at a time
• Ability to send text messages to all users Hamachi
• Ability to conduct group discussions
• Each network is password protected, so it is free from unauthorized persons
• Ability to close the network, thus no other user will be able to join it, even if he knows the password
• Ability to limit the authority of users to your network
• Ability to remove users from the network, users will be disconnected from the network but they will have the opportunity to reconnect
• Ability to block users, blocked user can not under any condition connect to the network
• Ability to empower the network administrator rights for selected users
• You can add an adjustable automatic greetings in your networks
• The ability to run Hamachi as a system process.

Ability to connect only 16 computers to one network