LogMeIn Hamachi Download

 Hamachi lets you establish safe and direct connections to computers that are inaccessible thanks to some restrictions in our local area network. For instance, when you want to connect to the Internet via broadband router which is at home, you will not be able to connect to it at work.
In addition, with Hamachi you will be able to connect two PCs quickly and securely on the condition that Hamachi is installed on both computers. After an installation and successful connection, you can send files and make them available, run remote desktop and even host multiplayer game. All of this will work if it is connected with a physical wire.
Hamachi enables you to connect any two PCs despite the presence of programs like firewall, that protect your computer.
It is good to remember that Hamachi allows you to connect computers in LAN network, even if they connect to the Internet with the aid of other devices. It means that it enables bidirectional NAT traversal.

What is more, peer to peer connection is possible thanks to special Hamachi servers that intercede them. When users connect with virtual network, data will start to flow directly between them. With this solution, lag time is minimized and transfer speed is maximized.

Hamachi is a definitely secure program. All connections with the help of Hamachi are encrypted by standard algorithms and protocols. Access to your data (conversations) will not be available to other users.

Moreover, users will have access to Hamachi security architecture, so everyone interested will be able to see its detailed description.

Attention: The program is free if you use it for your own purpose. If you want to use for commercial use, you should pay yearly fee. Thanks to it you will be able to create maximum 256 Hamachi networks. Free version can link up only 16 users to one network, whereas payable version up to 50.

Main features of Hamachi:

  • ability to create 256 Hamachi networks
  • 50 users can work in each network at the same time
  • you can send text messages to all Hamachi users
  • create your own chat group
  • all networks are protected by password, it will not allow any unauthorised users to attempt your network
  • ability to block network, so that no new user can join your network, even if he knows the password
  • you can limit users capabilities who use your network
  • ability to remove users from your network, which means they will be disconnected from the net but they can re-join the network
  • ability to block users ( blocked users cannot re-join the network in no case)
  • ability to assign selected users to be network administrators
  • ability to set automatic announcement messages for your networks
  • ability to run Hamachi as a system service

  • ability to link up only 16 computers to one network