FrostWire Download

FrostWire is an open source file sharing client based on the Gnutella network. It allows you to download and upload files with a blazingly fast speed. It is an alternative to the popular Limewire. The application also comprises chat utility and built-in media player.

Unlike its strong competitor, FortWire does not support advertising and there are not any disturbing pop-ups. Similar to LimeWire, it is nicely designed and easy to work with. Once you complete the installation process, you will be invited to use the application with a setup wizard, where you can customize the language and define your chat nickname and more. You can also choose a search engine and file types. A straightforward search bar makes it easy to search for a file, no matter if it is a video, image, or audio. There is also a What’s New button which lets users know what popular files users have recently upload or download.

Another useful function of FrostWire is a special direct connect option. With this function you can access your friends files, if you know their IP address. This way you can quickly share your files with other people. There is also a possibility to use content filters if you want to protect your children from inappropriate content.
To sum up, FrostWire is a an excellent file sharing system that lets users easily and quickly download and upload different kinds of documents and other media content.